Our maiden venture!

Hey everyone, back again after another Rip Van Winkle hiatus. This is post, however, is not another film review, or even a photography journal. As mentioned in my ‘about’, the craft I chose when I decided to follow my heart some years ago, is film making. Having criticized (and documented!) so many films to my heart’s content all these days and having others read them, it would be hardly fair to not provide a glimpse of the film that ‘I’ am dying to make. This is a maiden venture of Cogito Films India, and it is a documentary. The film essentially talks about food and it’s role as an identity marker for a particular community of people who had been initially displaced from their homeland some sixty-seven years ago. Needless to mention, my partner-in-crime producer and I belong to this very community; that said, we’ve been born in the country we now live, and have never seen our ancestral land. Our only link to that identity has been our food, the cuisine which was typical to the land we belonged.  The food, which, due to several reasons, is now dying alarmingly fast.This film is an attempt to capture the dregs of what remains of our memories, our food, and the way it is linked to our distinctive identity.

We are still a long way off from our dream to shoot a fully fledged documentary, due to financial considerations. However, we HAVE done some preliminary groundwork, enough to provide viewers a generic idea about the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ of the film. In this blog, I am uploading two videos consisting of interviews from the first set of migrants who had originally migrated from their homeland at the time mentioned above. The videos talk about the migration, the struggle while putting down your roots into a new land, and memories of our food.

Hope you find them worth a watch. Please share your comments, feedbacks and opinions as well.



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